Beekast – EDF case study

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The DSP (Shared Services Branch) of the EDF group regularly organizes events to exchange views with different collaborators of the group and present changes which will impact many departments. These events are also an occasion to test new developments in the area of digital innovation.

In November 2015, the DSP of the EDF group organized an event which brought together more than 200 managers at an MK2 movie theater. The main idea was to present the work begun on the goals to be achieved by 2030, through EDF innovations in information technology, thanks to the digitalization of numerous tasks.


  • Present changes in a dynamic and interactive way.
  • Make the event inclusive so you can gather everyone’s comments and be able to respond to a maximum number of questions from participants.
  • Ensure that key messages have been well understood by everyone.


QUESTIONS/ANSWERS, VOTES and QUIZZES features were used during this event.

During the presentations, participants were able to ask all their questions using the QUESTIONS/ANSWERS feature. With many participants having an opportunity to speak, all the questions were addressed during the session or afterwards, in the case of numerous questions, thereby ensuring that all the information was conveyed. The most relevant questions were addressed first thanks to a voting system.

At the end of each activity, QUIZ and VOTES sessions were conducted in order to obtain feedback from participants while checking their understanding and approval of the various changes.

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