Beekast – Crédit Agricole Assurances case study

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Crédit Agricole Insurances chose Beekast for the finale of the second edition of the Innovation Challenge. Six finalists pitched to win the artificial intelligence innovation prize (and a proof of concept with Crédit Agricole).


The main objective was to attribute the public prize thank to a poll in real-time. As it wasn’t the first time Crédit Agricole was using Beekast for one of their events, they wanted more than a live vote, so we integrated the live-tweet wall to encourage entrepreneurs before the pitches!


During this final Crédit Agricole used the Twitter Integration, the social wall, the poll, the selfie wall and the form.

Participants could react to pitches and ask questions using Twitter. Any post with #CAAFinal appeared on the social wall.

The public then voted for the project they loved the most. While juries were deliberating, guests could give feedback about the event through the digital form participate in a selfie wall that was display at the end of the evening.

Crédit Agricole also used the agenda, the list (the introduce the speakers and the jury) and the information page to ensure participants had access to the wi-fi name and password, knew were the event took place, etc.

All the contestants’ slides were gathered in the app, allowing smooth transitions between each pitch!


The tweet integration allowed Crédit Agricole to increase its visibility on social networks as well as encourage more participants to ask questions!

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