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Co-hosting: What’s Changing

Starting in early January, co-hosting a Beekast session with a free trial account will no longer be possible. Here’s a quick overview of how to continue co-hosting efficiently.

Where does this change come from?

Today, Beekast allows users to create a free trial account in order to discover the solution before switching to a paid account. 

For security and privacy reasons, Beekast no longer allows co-hosting for free trial accounts.

How does co-hosting work now?

You have a Premium account: Nothing changes!

You can still co-host Beekast sessions and, if you have a Pro plan (or more), you can ask another Beekast Premium user to co-host your sessions.

You used to co-host with free trial accounts:

You will no longer be able to do so as of the beginning of January. You will need to upgrade to a Premium plan.

The conditions for co-hosting on Premium accounts (below) do not change: 

co-hosting_new conditions

What is co-hosting on Beekast?

Co-hosting is a feature that allows the owner of a Beekast session to add one or more hosts to their session in order to co-host and co-create.

Easily collaborate on your presentation by allowing your team members to : 

  • import/edit/delete content
  • launch/close an activity
  • moderate submitted ideas

This feature is ideal for co-facilitating meetings, training sessions, and events!

Remember that co-hosting also means sharing your sessions and content with another person. It is therefore important to ensure that access to your sessions is secure in order to maintain control over the data shared within your presentations. 

If you have a Key Account plan, Beekast offers a corporate SSO login, which allows you to securely share and co-host your sessions and content.

Learn how to add a host to a session by reading this article from our support team.