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4 Beekast templates to boost interactions

To make your employees more efficient at work, it is essential to streamline communication between them. An improvement in the quality of interactions between employees contributes to the successful execution of projects.

By facilitating exchanges between your collaborators, you allow them to build relationships, facilitate the flow of information within the company, and work with greater transparency.

What is the importance of smooth communication in business?

Communication in business encompasses all communication actions aimed at employees, as well as exchanges between them. It enables the company to provide its team members with the information necessary to contribute to the company’s success.

In this sense, smooth communication makes the flow of information easier. To achieve this, the company culture must be enriched with the following values: transparency, empathy, trust, active listening, collaboration, and openness to change.

To bring this culture to life on a daily basis, internal communication must convey the company’s vision, values, and objectives, and give meaning to employees’ work. According to Dynamic Signal, 85% of employees say they feel more motivated when regularly informed about company news.

Thus, smoother communication plays a crucial role in creating strong bonds between employees and a sense of belonging to the company, which creates a work environment where your employees will be happy to work.

To improve communication in the company and develop team spirit, there are several methods available. For example, you can organize team-building activities to strengthen cohesion among your team members.

 Since it is an informal event, the bonds between colleagues will be strengthened, and they will express themselves more freely. Also, consider setting up a coffee machine on your premises, as it can play a determining role in promoting exchanges and fostering a friendly atmosphere among your employees.

This way, your collaborators will be more engaged, and their sense of belonging will develop. They will also be happy to bring all their skills and knowledge to increase your company’s productivity.

However, it is not enough to make exchanges smoother; effective communication must also be ensured. To do this, it is essential to opt for efficient communication tools.

Beekast is a web platform that you can use for different exchange moments: meetings, seminars, and training sessions… The diversity of activities it offers will allow you to adapt them to your meeting needs, to make them more engaging and productive.

4 models Beekast to boost interaction

To facilitate the flow of information within the company, it is essential to regularly hold meetings that will allow you to discuss the progress of projects.

These meetings are also essential for better understanding your employees’ expectations regarding a project. To be productive, they must also allow their colleagues to express themselves freely.

  • If you hold a weekly meeting every Monday morning but have trouble capturing your colleagues’ attention, know that the Film Critic template is perfect for breaking the ice at the beginning of the meeting. This activity involves asking your participants to express their mood through a choice to be made from a list of movies. You can then bounce back on the shared feelings and possibly adapt the activities that will follow.
  • As a manager, you will be required to organize meetings with other departments in your company that your team may not necessarily know or with external parties (service providers, suppliers, etc.), the Introductions template allows each person to present their role and expectations for the meeting. With this activity, participants can also use photos to express their expectations. At the end of this activity, your colleagues will know each other better and will be able to collaborate efficiently in the future.
  • To generate the maximum number of ideas for a project, set up a brainstorming activity that will allow your collaborators to express their ideas. Its main objective is to promote teamwork and engage your team around the ideas they generate. In the end, you can discuss or vote on ideas to retain the best ones.
  • After your meeting, it is interesting to know your collaborators’ feedback on the meeting, so the ROTI template is used to allow them to evaluate the return on time invested. You will use a 5-point rating activity and may optionally add an open-ended question where participants can freely express themselves to explain their rating. Don’t hesitate to ask those who rate the meeting less than 3 to give the reason and even suggest improvements using open-ended questions.

Thanks to these various Beekast activities, you will make it easier for your entire team to participate, and feel free to voice their opinions. Remember that the main objective is to make exchanges more fluid and encourage communication between your collaborators.

There are many other interactive templates you can use, so don’t hesitate to check them out on our inspiration website.


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