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Beekast is a collaborative and engaging mobile app maximizing interactivity for any events (like Conferences, Business Meetings, Training Sessions, TradeShows, School Lectures, Concerts, Sporting Events...). We provide the first cure for “Death by Powerpoint!”

You want to interact and engage with your audience?

BEEKAST is a comprehensive web and mobile application to promote, manage, and bring life to your presentations (conferences, meetings, seminars, conventions, workshops...)

Beekast is the social timeline of your event, that let the audience express itself... while also giving back the power to presenters!

Here are the main features:

Live questions and comments submission
- Post remarks
- Send photos
- Ask questions
- Like and comment
Add twitter and Instagram feeds on the same timeline

Survey the room and encourage your audience to collaborate
- Votes
- Quizzes
- Wordles & tag clouds
- Satisfaction survey
Get live feedbacks and observe trends at the event in a single click

Give the audience a platform to interact and a live Chat
- Connect via Linkedin
- Initiate strong business connections
- Optimize interaction among participants
Facilitate interaction and collaboration during your presentation! Project audience contributions live Stay in control, moderate and project content according to your needs. - Integrate interactive content in your slides - Project audience contributions in your présentation with a simple click!


The most complete Event App

Social Network

Beekast is the social network of your event.


Participants can post questions/messages that will be projected in a projected screen.

Live Polls / Surveys

And session ratings. Let your participants use their own devices to get feedbacks, opinions and more.

Revenue from sponsors

Display your sponsors ads inside Beekast.

Event Schedule and agenda

Publish your schedule on Beekast. Your attendees will know when and where to go.


Your attendees will have a detail geo map of your event.


Attendees can also upvote for relevant questions/comments.


Beekast collects a maximum of data during the event to generate customized reports.


Organizers can moderate messages before the publication.

Speakers Profiles

Present your speakers in your app


Beekast is translated in most popular languages

Branding and Customization

Choose your colors, import your logo, manage your content

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