Top 4 Tips for you to Network with Beekast


Networking is a huge buzz-word in every industry and business environment.  The act of creating relationships and making connections with people professionally and personally is an essential part of everyday life.  There are lots of possibilities to increase your network at meetings, conferences, exhibitions, and various events.  Beekast is a fantastic tool focused on interactivity, increasing participation and maximizing networking opportunities at events. Here is a four-step guide to utilize Beekast for networking at your event.


Participants are instructed to fill out their profiles before the event to include a photo and short bio about their job title, company, location, etc.  Ideally, participants should fill these out before the event, but everyone knows some slackers, those people who wait to fill out their profiles upon arrival at the venue on the day of the event (not our favorite people).  In the Beekast app, click on the MENU to check out the profiles of fellow participants and read information about the speakers that will be presenting at the event.  Check to see if any of your friends are attending, and then check to see if you notice any names or job titles of people that interest you.   Look at the photos and take a quick inventory of the “VIP” attendees. When you see the new Executive hired from New York City hovering around the coffee machine, you won’t accidentally make a crude joke about the company. You can thank us later :)  The attendee and speaker profiles with photos is the best place to start when checking out the Beekast app for networking features.


During events and conferences, there are hundreds of opportunities for small talk and chatting, but you might not be able to hand out your business card to everyone you speak to.  At the 7 a.m. breakfast, you might not be fully awake to set up a follow-up meeting with a fellow horse enthusiast or robotics enthusiast with whom you met briefly, but with the Beekast app, your conversation can continue!  Through the list of participants, you can enter the name of the person you are looking for and then start a chat with that participant immediately.  Chat with people that you worked with during the team building workshop or people you ate with during lunch.  Don’t let the conversations end at the event without having a means to contact your new connections later and let Beekast be your method of communication at the event.

Question interaction

During the sessions, everyone needs to participant in order for you and your fellow participants to have the best experience.  Don’t get caught up in the crowd and think about the content being presented to post insightful comments and ask questions. Read the questions of other participants to get inspiration and post follow-up questions.   Hit the “like” button for questions posted by others that you find intriguing.  If someone posts an especially interesting comment, then take note of the participant’s name and consider speaking with them in-person or chatting via the app after the speaking session to further explore the topic.

Chat about the app

Can’t find a topic to talk about? Talk about the app!  The person sitting beside you at the conference might not have read this handy guide so you can make small talk and ask them if they know about the app’s features. Or perhaps, you are still confused about using the app, and then you can ask some tips from your neighbor.  There are lots of topics to talk about, and we won’t mind if you choose to bring up Beekast when you are at a loss for ideas!


We hope you have a successful and interactive meeting, conference, or event while using Beekast.  If you have other tips that you have discovered while using the app, then feel free to share!


Check out Beekast! A comprehensive web and mobile solution to promote, manage, and bring life to your events (conferences, meetings, seminars, conventions, workshops…)


Erica Martin

Business Developer at Beekast

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