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Describe your company, product, service, audience etc. in one sentence that explains the conference or event. You don’t want to have 20 “headlines” floating around one event so plan ahead the one main headline you will use across all of your communication channels.  You can modify the headline and shorten it, but all variations should clearly be linked to the overall initial headline.

Short,sweet, and to the point

You should be able to describe your event in ten words or less. The headline should also be able to depict a story without revealing all the details.  Take a look at the popular social network of Twitter.  When you are limited to 140 characters, every word matters, and you need to allot plenty of time to preparation of your one-liner.

Brainstorm and write down your ideas

Think about these simple questions to start brainstorming in the right direction.  What is the purpose of the event?  Who will be in the audience? Who is speaking and presenting at the event?  Is this a repeat event?  If so, how is this one different than previous ones?  Are you releasing any new products/services/updates?  Are you redefining the company strategy or values?  If you were an attendee, not an organizer, what would excite you about this event?

After answering these questions, you should have some good ideas to work with to start creating your headline.  Consider asking a compelling question or using a creative idiom.

Think about the target audience

When creating the headline, keep in mind all the event participants.  Don’t make the headline too specific surrounding one presentation out of the 20.  Find a way to combine two short headlines if needed, but try to create a headline with one message that is related to the majority of event participants and the planned event activities.  The goal is for the event participants to feel a connection with the headline and for them to be intrigued after reading it.

Blast it across all channels

Your one-liner should be incorporated in all publications for the event.  It should be listed on flyers, social media accounts, email communication, and all preparation materials.  At the event, include the headline in the opening and closing presentation if possible.  Your headline should be one of the first things you work on when organizing your event so that everyone has sufficient time to implement it in all aspects of the event.  You can also ask speakers to find a way to tie in the headline to their presentation.  If your event contains solely employees from one company, it can be easier to match the vision of the event listed in the headline with the presentations of the speakers.  Make your headline something powerful that the event participants will remember.  The headline you create for the event can also be used for press releases as well.   It can take practice and several hours of preparation, but soon you will have a catchy headline to drive the marketing of your event and make the event a success!


Reference: Gallo, C.  The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2010. Print.


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