The beginner’s guide to choosing an event agency

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There are lots of articles out there on how to find the perfect event agency for your planning and production needs.  People who organize events all the time probably have a list of favorite event agencies they work with on a regular basis, but people who are organizing a special event or new conference may have less experience in choosing who to work with.  Choosing an event agency is a huge step, and you should take care to do the research ahead of time to make sure you find the best match.   A good event agency can make your event a top-notch experience for its’ participants, but an event agency that you have trouble working with can overlook and ruin many important aspects you wanted to focus on in your vision.  We will list in this article three essential criteria that you need to focus on in your search for an event agency.

1. Relevant Expertise

It definitely sounds “cool” when an agency has had clients such as award shows and celebrity weddings, but you need to see past the hoopla and focus on the agency’s relevant experience that pertains to your type of event.  For example, f you are planning a large conference with attendees from all aspects of the financial sector, you might not need the glitz and glamour of some event agencies that frequently work with weddings and receptions.  In this case, you will need to focus on accessibility, audience interactivity, and the agency’s experience with corporate events among other things.

2. Flexibility

You want an agency that will be flexible and that will be open to your ideas as the lead organizer.  It might be great to find an all-in-one event planning, production, lighting, etc. company that personally provides all the services for an event as part of their service.  That might be an option for you that you will appreciate, but you also might want to work with a different lighting designer or event application that the company does not solicit in their services.  Know your goals and express them during your initial interview and throughout your communication with potential agencies.  It is best to find an agency that will be flexible with changes and that is easy to work with.  Discuss a lot of the details with the agency and all the requirements you will need so there aren’t surprises later on.  It might be helpful to discuss not only want you want out of the event, but also the things you DON’T want. 

3. References

An event agency might look amazing with their pictures on their website and Facebook, but looking good on a computer screen does not mean they will be a good fit for you.  Consider reaching out to organizers of events that the agency cites as clients.  You can consider asking the agency directly for a reference list or you can find their clients on your own from an Internet search.  Try to contact clients that produce events similar to the ones you are planning.  Ask about their experience and how they liked working with the staff of the agency.  Any information you collect will be good to properly evaluate your choices.




Erica Martin

Business Developer at Beekast

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