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Hanka Schmidt and Gerd Jungbluth founded SlideCaptain in 2013 in Wuppertal, Germany.  SlideCaptain is a cloud-based presentation service with capabilities to display nearly all types of web content in a well-organized manner.  The recently released Version 3.0 at the beginning of 2015 offers enhanced usability and content features, including more clear navigational tools and 500 high resolution images in a gallery for free use in your slides.  The focus of SlideCaptain is to be able to create and share content-rich slides for a structured, interactive, and visually appealing presentation.  We tested this tool and we will highlight a couple thoughts we had about SlideCaptain in this article.

Content Possibilities

One of the strongest features of SlideCaptain is the ability to easily add content such as graphics, text, code, charts, etc. with a simple click.  You can resize the content once inserted and then SlideCaptain automatically will display lines as you resize the content to show how it aligns with the other content on the slide.

Clean Structure

Organization is also another great feature that SlideCaptain offers.  Within a presentation, you can create separate sections and add multiple slides that are related to each other.  Easily label the sections and provide a short description of each to keep track of your content.  While brainstorming for your presentation content, these sections can be a great tool to keep your ideas organized.

Other features we found helpful

Some other features that we found helpful is the fact that content and changes to slides are saved immediately to the cloud.  You can access the slideshow anywhere on the web by entering your account information.  There are many style features as well as options to select numerous color themes, dynamic fonts, and interactive animations.  The final “plus” that we want to highlight is the integrated code editor with support for more than 20 coding languages.  Although we did not test it, the SlideCaptain website advertises support via chat during business hours and help via email when needed so if you have questions then consider contacting the support team directly.

With pros, there are always a couple of cons

When switching between different browsers to work on your presentation under the same account, sometimes there were issues displaying the content in Google Chrome after originally creating the content in Safari.  We found it easier to insert content that loads immediately on the slide while using Safari.  We do not know if this was a temporary issue or if this happens often.  Another issue with browsers is that you presently cannot export your “flow” or presentation unless you use Google Chrome.  A third comment while using the tool for the first time was that I recommend watching all or at least most of the instructional videos displayed on the site in order to understand how to navigate everything with ease.  Some presentation tools we have used are more self explanatory than SlideCaptain’s layout, but once you understand the basics then you won’t have trouble finding more advanced features.  When creating a sample presentation, we did not come across many issues except for these minor ones, which are not bad enough to hesitate to recommend that our readers try out this tool.

 Give it a try!

Anyone can create a free account on the SlideCaptain website to create a presentation.  Check it out and see if the features of SlideCaptain are what you have been looking for in a presentation tool.  You can find more information on the SlideCaptain website.


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Erica Martin

Business Developer at Beekast

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Erica,
    thanks for the detailed review of our SlideCaptain app. It´s a really well written article about the pros and cons. Some of the mentioned cons (like the export functionality) will be fixed in the next weeks and some new functions are still in the pipe. We will give the ease of use of SlideCaptain a special view to improve itl. Feel free to get back.

    Cheers, Hanka

    • Erica Martin says:

      Hello Hanka,
      Thank you for your comments. That is great to hear the updates you all are working on in regards to the functionalities! SlideCaptain is an interesting app that offers some unique features and I am looking forward to what’s next. I am glad that one of my colleagues discovered it and encouraged me to try it!

      Best, Erica

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