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Last month we discovered and discussed Bunkr as an alternative to PowerPoint. As we are always looking for new tools to make your presentations in the easiest and most successful way, we have tested out Slidebean for you today.  This Costa Rican company has brought a new perspective (finally?) on presentations.


Why Slidebean?

This startup was founded in Costa Rica in 2013.  Jose Cayesso, the CEO of this young power, doesn’t want people to waste precious hours working on the design of a presentation full of excessive content, and he decided to ask the important questions. What is the real purpose of a presentation?

The problem that we make is that the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about presentations is often a synonym of PowerPoint. What is our intended result? A refined presentation with all of its content in the right place is what we want, but how would a tool like that work?


Slidebean, Content First

“Presentations that design themselves” is the key.  The fundamental difference with the classical tools is that this approach allows you to forget about all the excessiveness of the design and to concentrate solely on what the presentation is about.  Content first, and design second is their approach.  Let’s start with how the presentation tool works.  You don’t have to focus on the end goal, but rather you simply bring your ideas together first.  Slidebean offers a different type of slide layout: slide text, slide image/video, slide graphics, a slide list, and slide quotes. This allows you to transfer your needs from the idea stage to the completed presentation stage.  There are other advantages in terms of content such as the fact that you don’t need to download images to put into your presentation. Thanks to their collaboration with Flickr, you have direct access to a multitude of photos, images, icons and basically all you need.


You can also add various content to your presentation, such as text and graphics, and then, you are almost done. The only thing that remains is the design. What colors? What font? Don’t worry because the design is automatically generated. That is what allows you to concentrate solely on the content. Slidebean proposes a selection of pre-made designs and presentations.  You no longer have to make the choice to choose a model that is most adapted to your presentation content and material.  It is extremely simple to change the type of design for each slide as well.  Slidebean additionally offers the possibility of automatic branding by setting up your presentation in the colors of your company. And voilà, your presentation is ready!   Quick and efficient, but Slidebean does not stop there.


A collaborative tool online

And coming to the obstacles of PowerPoint, delivery offline… Slidebean is available for free online.  You can obtain an easily shareable URL and have your work stored in the cloud.  Then, you can access it anytime and anywhere.  This characteristic offers a number of additional possibilities, like group collaboration.  This feature enables you and others to work simultaneously on the same presentation.  It eliminates that need to keep sending out updated versions to your group members. Also, there is a possibility to download your work into a PDF version or PowerPoint, in case you find yourself without Internet.  This sharing functionality and cloud storage online constitutes a real benefit and might become the norm for presentation materials in the near future.  Online cloud storage opens up the possibility of collaboration at any moment.


The perfect tool? Not quite

You can see that this tool allows you to truly focus on the pertinent content, and Slidebean takes care of the rest.  Of course since it is available online for free, you only have access to a limited number of presentations, a restraint on the design and functionalities.  You can opt for the paying subscription that opens up a larger choice of design features as well as the capability to work collaboratively with the option to export your file to a PDF or PowerPoint document. The Pro offer brings together all the functionalities for $29 per month or $159 per year.  Another small limit to the tool is the limits of the choice of slide type (text, lists, photo, etc.) as the tool restricts you to 5 types. The biggest limit to Slidebean is that there is not a capability to combine two different types of slides.  This tool, like plenty of other tools at the moment, still have limits to their free use. We will have to wait to see what the Slidebean team reveals to us next.


Slidebean is a tool worth testing.   Its’ mission is to change the stigma surrounding presentations that has been monopolized by the legendary tool of PowerPoint.  The company’s hopes of jumping out of the shadows of PowerPoint probably won’t be reached until it makes some more modifications. What do you think of Slidebean’s potential?



Original article written by Hugo FITAN on our French blog


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