Is Bunkr going to cast a shadow over PowerPoint?

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For a long time the word “PowerPoint” has been synonymous with “presentation,” but there are new tools that are appearing.  We have tested one of them: Bunkr, which is becoming an alternative choice to go up against the legendary product of Microsoft.

History of Bunkr

Bunkr is a software developed in France, precisely in Rouen, by a start-up comprised of young computer scientists and professionals in the field of communications.  It was created in September of 2012.  After the launch of the Beta version, the same year, they received venture capital funds in 2014 totaling a sum of one million euros.

Since then, this very innovative tool has been breaking the monotony and has been leading the way in the development of presentations, even though PowerPoint has dominated the sector. Currently, this platform brings together thousands of members, and this number should continue to rise.

Why will Bunkr be revolutionary?

Uniquely, Bunkr is an application that allows one to create presentations in HTML5 by organizing content in different formats that have been collected on the Web.  It allows for the creation of content from the cloud and this solution has various different advantages.

Since it offers the benefit of a cloud solution, it is possible to make presentations of your choosing in real time for a meeting, conference, or seminar and present to participants without having to be all in the same place.

This is not possible with PowerPoint, nor is it possible to allow other people to work on the same document at the same time (with the arrival of Office 360 that is in the process of changing).

In addition, Bunkr offers a large variety of exporting formats, including HTML5 that provides the opportunity to make a presentation a URL.  This exporting capability is the most important part for developers of software who want interactivity.  The partnerships developed with various databases and cloud structures boost the opportunities to create increasingly interactive presentations.

Another aspect, this software solves the problem of the portability of presentations.  With Bunkr, your presentations  won’t have to be sent in email attachments and Bunkr pushes past various constraints of PowerPoint.

Is the alternative of Bunkr going to put an end to PowerPoint?

It is true that Bunkr allows you to make professional presentations, that this application is more adaptable to the needs of people in the communications industry, and that it implements new technology.  In the more classical spheres, especially finance, the tool of PowerPoint offers more security and confidentiality.  The fact that Bunkr is a web application means that the information being used is more vulnerable.  For strategic presentations, the solution of the Bunkr platform is not more advantageous than PowerPoint.

It won’t happen in an instant that the usage level of Bunkr will reach anything close to that of the diverse array of people globally using PowerPoint.  The Microsoft application is completely anchored into tradition, and it will likely be around for much longer; however, Bunkr does have the functionality to export into the .ppt format, which further confirms the hegemonic power of the Microsoft product.  For many years to come, you will still see PowerPoint presentations in meetings, conferences, and seminars.

However Bunkr is worth a try and who knows, maybe it will be a worthy successor to PowerPoint…


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Erica Martin

Business Developer at Beekast

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