Improving internal communication: events aimed at performance

corporate seminar to improve internal communication


Business seminars, team building events, and other types of meetings for different purposes require advanced skills of internal communication. Focus on the communication strategy that will lead to reaching the company goals.

Internal events to motivate co-workers

The motivation of co-workers shouldn’t be limited to one’s pay.  Of course, anyone would be happy to see an increase in pay, but it is important to acknowledge that the atmosphere within the company contributes a lot to motivating the people who work there.  That is the purpose of having internal company events.  Spending a weekend or a week with the company and engaging in diverse workshops that promote teambuilding, such as shooting a lip dub video during a “Cohesion day” or various other events can be useful.   In all cases, the goals remain the same: unite, energize, and motivate. Beyond the incentive, internal events promoting communication can also be used in the case of new hires in the company.  These events allow the newcomers to easily integrate and start to feel apart of the company.

Internal event communication: Working together is at the heart of strategy

Seminars, informational meetings, different games, and competitions all pull together to serve as the links to a well-structured communication strategy.  Companies expect positive benefits from these types of organization activities.  Understand that this internal communication has issues and faults, but the idea is actually to hide the strategic angle and give priority to making contacts and well as facilitating meetings and exchanges among colleagues.  For all of these activities, working together is the priority.  These events illustrate the human dimension that is such a vital part of management.  These events provide a great chance to direct or manage the spread of company values in favorable circumstances that strengthen the cohesion among colleagues.

Internal events: A successful strategy for all stakeholders

For the company, all of these activities are carried out for the goal of performance.  For a director, the equation is simple: a motivated employee will be the hardest working employee, and hard workers translate to productive workers.  These internal events are aimed at strengthening employee loyalty to company values, which is the most ideal way to keep a good company image.  Workers who feel positive about their company will spend extra time at work or consider working on a weekend on pressing issues.  They will go beyond the formal setup of the company, which will lead to the discovery of other facets of the work of their colleagues, superiors, etc.  The best icebreakers break down walls and lead to trust among colleagues.   After an incentive has been given, the work atmosphere becomes more relaxed and lack of motivation is eliminated, and people are actually inspired to work harder!

Company events: To whom should you entrust with the planning?

A seminar, trip, creative workshop, or sporting event could be the next memorable corporate event.  Organizers collaborate on ideas to allow the company to enjoy the moment as simply a memorable team bonding experience instead of a long and daunting task to be planned.  Nothing prevents the company from taking charge itself and planning this type of event. It is equally possible to delegate this task to a special planning agency.  By making a call to a professional agency, you benefit from a custom-made plan, an event customized to meet your expectations, needs, and your budget.  If you have trouble thinking of an idea, the agency in charge can think up a project too.  Of course, you have the opportunity to choose activities from a list of options.  This flexibility is also part of the advantages of using an agency.



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Erica Martin

Business Developer at Beekast

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