How to monitor your event participation via Beekast


When people hear the words conference, seminar, or meeting, few jump to their feet in excitement. People think about long lectures, speakers following their presentation slides with little pauses, and audience members sit in their seats quietly waiting for the meeting or event to end.  Beekast is the solution for engaging an audience to encourage networking, collaboration, and participation.

At a typical event, you can estimate the retention rate of the presentations by asking people questions during session breaks or monitoring the Q&A session to come up with a rough estimate of people paying attention to the content of the material. Either way, you will collect unreliable and potentially biased information as you take random polls from participants in the audience.

Beekast brings an event to life throughout the entire process, from start to finish.  After using Beekast, you have reliable statistics about the participation rate of your audience.


During an event when a poll or quiz is “open” for people to answer, there is an on-screen indicator that shows the number of people in real-time who have voted for that question.  Taking short breaks/pauses for a quick poll is a great way to keep or bring back the attention of the audience to focus on the speaker(s).


With Beekast you don’t need to take an estimate of the people participating in the Q&A session. Participants submit questions in real time throughout the presentation on their smartphone, tablet or laptop via the Web application.  Audience members no longer have to grab a notebook or recite a question/idea in their mind 10 times in order to remember it for the Q&A session.  All the questions submitted by participants are retained in one place and the event organizer can decide what to moderate and choose which questions to display on the projection screen for the speaker to discuss during a pause in the presentation.  Other participants can “like” questions that have been approved, and you can visually see the popular questions.

Engagement is the goal

The purpose of Beekast is successful events, and we want to make sure everyone carries out the most successful event possible while using our application.   We can include a satisfaction survey on the menu of the application and the event organizer can choose when to ask participants to submit their answers to the form.  If you host a daylong event, it might be practical to ask participants to fill out the form during a short break in the last session of the day.  If you are involved in a longer event, such as a weeklong conference, it could be helpful to poll the participants after day one or day two to find out what you can improve on for the remainder of the event. Beekast provides accurate statistics to monitor the participation and satisfaction rate of event participants.  We are happy when your participants, employees, staff, and speakers leave the event feeling good about the results of the event!

Let’s work together, and let’s engage your audience!

Check out Beekast! A comprehensive web and mobile solution to promote, manage, and bring life to your events (conferences, meetings, seminars, conventions, workshops…)


Erica Martin

Business Developer at Beekast

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