Have a successful conference thanks to the C-L-I-G-E method!

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Presenting a conference without stage fright is far from an easy skill.  Even the toughest people are sometimes affected by speaking to experts in an audience.

Fortunately, the solution exists to seek within yourself your inner presentation expert: the C-L-I-G-E method.

A fear of speaking in public is a completely natural feeling and one that will not disappear from one day to the next. Nevertheless, with the CLIGE method, your conference presentation technique will greatly improve.  And as they say, maybe one day the student will surpass the master!


Before and during the day of the presentation, you should embrace a calm and relaxing mindset and continue to keep that mindset during your presentation. You should do well now that you have confidence and are completely comfortable.


The day before the event, a ton of ideas are bouncing around in your head.  At this precise moment, you should take a moment of relaxation and then revisit them when you are feeling more prepared and more decisive than before.


To avoid ending up with an uninterested and bored audience after your presentation, you should try to be imaginative and creative.

Give it your all

Just as important as the preparation of the conference presentation, the actual delivery should be a product of your best effort to captivate the complete attention of your audience.


You should have enthusiasm while working to make your presentation successful. If you care about and have a passion for the theme you are presenting, you will excel in presenting the message in the best circumstances.



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Erica Martin

Business Developer at Beekast

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